About Us

MaxOut Kreations & Events is owned and operated by Deshada aka Dee to many. I have been crafting for over 10 years but 3 years in this field. It all started when I lost several love ones. I thought to myself crafting would occupy some of the free time that I would sit and cry endless hours from the thoughts and memories of them especially my godson. I have always been crafty since I was a teacher, letting my creative side show through bulletin board and dramatic play area. Purchasing a Cricut machine and other items were a plus to my talent. For weeks I played around with that machine wasted so much material and countless hours and still couldn't even produce anything that was craft worthy, but I never gave up. There were several nights I stayed up all night practicing and practicing. After a couple of months, I had become so advanced and confident with the machine I started trying new and more advanced equipment. My love for crafting had grown tremendously. People would see my crafts that I made for myself or a family member and always offered to pay me to make things for them. When I decided to start my crafting business I was trying to think of a creative name. Then I started thinking about why I started the business in the first place in memory of my godson and also gave back to the community. Part of my company proceed go toward my non-profit organization to help develop young of the future and the homeless. That's how I came up with the name MaxOut Kreations & Events (my godson played football and he always made sure he MAXOUT when he played plus his last name was Maxwell).This made me realize I have a true passion for CRAFTING. I will continue to MAXOUT into making crafts that are pleasing to everyone.
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I specialize in making your custom needs come true. When you are looking for something unique, different, and made from the heart ....
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